Products for Tornado hoods Optional equipment

Insert fixture for a gas burner in the furnace


A special feature of the Tornado hood is the direct access to the

crucible through the furnace cover. This can be provided with an

opening. After use, the opening is closed by a burner quarl.

For example, the furnace can be pre-heated or kept warm with a

gas burner with the hood closed. Furthermore, direct access to

e.g., magnesium treatment in the furnace, can be used for taking

samples or adding chips.

Cooling device

The cooling device provides for the uniform and rapid cooling of furnace refractory lining using the blast furnace exhaust. The device is inserted into the furnace and connected to the hood. The cooler ambient air is drawn in through the front opening and directed through the central pipe downwards. From there it moves along the wall of the crucible upward toward the hood. The lining is cooled and filtered off with extraction and the warm air from the furnace.

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