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Heat and Dust

are emblematic of the harsh conditions in the melting areas in foundries and steel mills. In such an environment, both workers and materials are thus particularly stressed. The capturing of the dust contained in the exhaust air benefits the health of the smelter, environmental protection and the longevity and operational readiness of machines and equipment. IBO-Anlagenbau GmbH plans, designs and manufactures comprehensive extraction solutions and special equipment for the foundry and metallurgical industry.

Dust doesn't stand a chance when it comes to the

Tornado exhaust hood!

Our developed and produced Tornado exhaust hoods combine a highly effective operation with a durable, easy to use and well-serviceable design. Various designs offer the right solution for every situation. The hoods are not only suitable for the finishing of new furnace facilities, but are also very good for retrofitting. Lower your energy costs with our hoods and benefit from the experience with our wide-range of customers.

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